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At Ken's Pro Shop we offer a wide range of services to meet your bowling needs.

We offer professional fitting and drilling services that are based on IBPSIA standards based.

We offer Thumb Ovaling services that will create a remarkable fit in your bowling ball.

We offer advance layouts using the Dual Angle System and the NEW Powerhouse BluePrint software.

We provide coaching services as well as video taping and analysis.

We offer bowling ball plugging and redrilling services using advanced color matching technology.

This is just a sampling of the advance services that we offer our customers. Stop by the shop and talk to me about these and more of the services we offer. You will not be disappointed!

Image Gallery Some of our customers....thank you!

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Ken's Pro Shop

Address: 1652 Sibley Boulevard
City/State: Calumet City, IL 60409
Phone: +708-868-BOWL (2695)
Other: +708-922-4922